Once the offer is accepted, both the buyer and the seller sign the contract and are then subject to the conditions set out therein. If one of the parties resigns for a reason other than the agreed reason, the other party is entitled to compensation. The agreement can be signed, but no payment is made if the chain is not complete. Once completed, the buyer can start the agreement by paying their booking fee. If the chain collapses at any time, then “PAUSIERT” simply agrees. The agreement is not subject to the fact that the ENTIRE CHAIN has a reservation agreement. The booking contract is good for the protection of the real estate agency. While booking agreements could reduce a lengthy moving process (currently estimated to take around 20 weeks), it`s not certain that a booking agreement would have a negative impact on buyers and sellers who might be trapped out of their control – for example, a chain. Tennant warns against another problematic area It is a question of defining precisely when a sale has been agreed – and therefore the date on which the booking contract takes effect. “However, most booking agreements have an expiration date by which buyers must have exchanged. When exchanging contracts, the fees are deducted from the deposit, which is then placed. However, the buyer may decide at any time during the booking period not to continue the purchase and to terminate the contract.

The fee is then reimbursed minus the costs incurred by the seller, such as legal and administrative costs. If the booking contract you have signed is bilateral, i.e. the contract in which the owner of the property is not a contracting party, you are entitled to a refund of the booking deposit (or, in other words, the blocking deposit). The contract concluded by and between the real estate agency and the person interested in the purchase must not provide for obligations between the person interested in the purchase (i.e. a potential buyer) and the third party – the seller. Such an obligation for the person interested in the purchase to conclude the contract of sale is invalid and cannot be sanctioned. The real estate agency should reimburse you for the booking fee or you can get it by court order….