If you build a wall along the border, it will be a party wall. If you build entirely on your land, you won`t. You must. If he does not do so, the owner opposite can ensure the conservation and recover the costs as a civil debt. This means appeal to the District Court; up to £5000 in the small claims department, over £5000, the whole process. The same applies when the owner opposite refuses to pay his contribution to the construction costs of a building of the party to which he is bound. If the party fails to comply with a court order, they face jail time for contempt until the breach is corrected. This usually means when the money is transferred. A party fence wall is a wall, like a garden wall that sits on the border and is not part of a building. A directory of Pyramus & Thisbe Club members is available on this website.

While expertise and knowledge of party wall issues is not a prerequisite for membership, most members in practice have the skills to act as surveyors in accordance with the law. If the parties agree with the results of the report, we will prepare a border agreement signed by both parties to the conflict. Problems can occur when a retaining wall is at a border. There are two circumstances to consider: if you are building in your country outside the border (even for a small amount), you do not need to inform your neighbor, even if you are creating foundations, you may need to send a message in accordance with section 6 if his building is close enough. See also “Excavations near your neighbour”.