If the customer terminates the contract within the first two weeks of the life, the company will make a full refund of the service charge minus the week of use. After the first two (2) weeks of maturity, the entity will make a refund of $10 per remaining week. If a laundry customer misses his weekly collection of dirty laundry, the customer loses the unused laundry service for this week and will not be refunded. If there are mitigating circumstances such as an illness, injury or family emergency that causes a lack of dirty laundry to drop, please email us to cleanerama@gmail.com before next week begins to inform us of your situation. We will assess applications and restore unused weeks if a situation is valid. Weeks that have been missed in laundry service are not transferred from one semester to another semester or week to week. Anything you want to wash in a washing machine, dried in a tumble dryer, then folded, should go into your maroon or gold Wash-Dry-Fold laundry bag. While we examine all items before cleaning to comply with maintenance instructions by placing your items in the Wash-Dry-Fold laundry bag, you agree to have washed these items in a washing machine, dried in a tumble dryer, and then folded. All special cleaning instructions are listed on your online account or on notebook paper and submitted with your clothes for cleaning. Laundry cleans items that have not been properly cleaned at its sole discretion and have not been supported since cleaning at no additional cost.

The laundry and its subcontractors are not responsible for the loss or deterioration of personal or unse cleaned items left in clothing or laundry bags such as money, jewellery or other items. The customer undertakes not to leave such items in his clothes or in his clothes. Zippers are unpredictable when cleaning. Although zippers are generally not a problem, the customer is informed that there is a possibility of zipper problems while following the normal wash, and the linen takes no responsibility for these issues. You understand that the use of the Services can lead to payments from you for the services you receive (“Taxes”). Before your order is delivered, the launderer will process the payment of the fees using the preferred payment method you have indicated in your account. The laundry doctor reserves the right to withhold, delay or reschedule your delivery if the full payment of the fee has not been received prior to delivery. You will receive proof of delivery of your items. These include credit card defects, unpaid payment methods or refunds of rejected cheques. The laundry doctor reserves the right to withhold, delay, plan or cancel a scheduled delivery for any late payment to your account. New commercial customers have an introductory period of 90 days and are not allowed to be billed monthly during this period.

Invoices are processed according to the desired payment terms (on receipt, Net 5, Net 10). Weekly billing is available for customers who receive more than one service per week. Weekly invoices are processed on the first business day of the next service week. All invoices must be paid within a maximum of 10 days from receipt (Net 10). Payments received for the net amount 10 may be accompanied by a delay of 1.5% of the bill amount. Bills that are pending for more than 20 days can cause operations to be interrupted.