But one of the biggest problems with renting a car or truck is that it is difficult – and can be prohibitive – to terminate the contract. This is due to the fact that a tenancy agreement is binding for the duration of the period, which may leave behind a tenant who cannot make payments due to a lost job or other difficult financial situation. Similarly, those who have entered a new phase of their lives and simply need another type of vehicle (i.e. swap a sports coupe for a crossover SUV when a child is on the move) can get bogged down in a model that no longer meets their needs. It`s not a perfect solution, and you can`t just get someone off the street. Some merchants do not exchange rental contracts at all. Many have several restrictions regarding the type of person who can take over your lease and when they can. But many companies allow a transfer of leaseback for a much lower fee than the typical price of continuing the lease. There is no rental agreement that the owner is not liable for damage to the user due to delayed delivery of the vehicle or damage that could be caused to the user due to vehicle malfunction during the rental period. The lessor has the right to terminate the lease and take possession of the vehicle without delay if the User does not act in accordance with a provision of these Terms and Conditions or the Lease Agreement or if the vehicle is damaged. The termination of the rental service under these provisions does not call into question other rights of the lessor specified in these conditions and in the lease agreement. This contract is written in two identical copies, one kept by the user and the other by the owner.

By signing on the last page of this contract, the user accepts this contract and all its provisions, as well as with the acceptance of the coverage of the damages from Article 8, the conditions and conditions of the coverage with which he was familiar. Changes to this contract can only take place in writing and oral agreements are deemed null and void. In the event of a dispute under this agreement, both parties agree to refer the matter to the Zagreb court under Croatian law. In order to address some of the customer`s concerns about repairing a leased vehicle that is still under warranty, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts has prepared a brief guide to explain what types of repairs are covered and what to do in the event of a failure of your leased vehicle.