“He quickly highlighted the mismanagement of our loan facility,” Coxall said. For example, within a few weeks of implementing the software in McDonald`s large Audi Denver Store, “We realized that we easily have 30 cars higher in our loan fleet than we need to use our base. The media coverage really helped us find out. The Silvercar program required an app to be installed on a customer`s smartphone, which generated a lot of pushback among customers, Ferguson said. “We had customers who waited an hour and a half to get into a rental vehicle. And after six weeks, we finally disconnected. For dealers, the efficient operation of a large fleet of rental vehicles can be an expensive and surprising hardening exercise. Why don`t dealers ever have an Audi rental car? (I was in 6 service centers in 3 countries and 2 countries, never one of them had a rental car at his disposal) Here are some useful tips if you receive a loan player from us: In addition, Rob now uses the Dealerware Report Suite to verify accurate real-time data that provide not only reports, but also a real overview of the performance of his loan program. Audi von Wallingford offers its customers a flawless lending experience that eliminates wait times in the queue and conclusion of paperwork, and has saved its customers a total of 21,000 minutes, greatly increasing the experience of their customers. When a customer needs a loan device, the service advisor uses the tablet and windshield wiper to collect information about their driver`s license and credit card and take a photo of the driver`s proof of insurance. The process can be completed in less than two minutes and by the same person with whom the customer interacts for the service. So far, McDonald`s has implemented the software in four of its subsidiaries, Coxall said. Without being your vehicle when it`s time for service, this can be a big problem.

We rely every day on our Audis to come to work, drop off children at school or run errands. At Audi Mission Viejo, we understand how difficult this can be and that`s why we offer you a free rental vehicle with your service visit. Audi Denver had used a more traditional lending program with paper leases. Under this system, Coxall says, problems such as customers were paying for the fuel they consume, “almost conflicting” because it could take several days before fuel levels were detected and entered into the system, resulting in fuel charges for customers well after they left the store. · We are not responsible for personal belongings left in the rental vehicle, so be sure to get your garage door opener, parking card, sunglasses, et cetera out of the vehicle. · Any damage that may occur to the courtesy vehicle while you are in your custody and custody. Don`t forget to inspect the courtesy vehicle with our representative before leaving the dealership. All existing damages should be mentioned in the agreement. Vehicles are checked again on return. I have had my Audi in service on 3 different occasions and they always have a new player ready at my place of business. There has never been a problem with the loan companies. How many vehicles should there be in the loan fleet? How do you charge customers for the fuel they consume? How about tolls or parking tickets? How many people does it take to run the loan program? What about outsourcing? And, most importantly, what happens with a trader`s customer satisfaction ratings based on the answers to these questions? “In addition to a faster process of getting customers into service loans, dealerware`s connected automotive devices automatically record the necessary vehicle information, such as fuel and mileage, without employees having to manually check them.

Our service team now spends more time on high-quality tasks and can focus on