By the above agreements, you allow us to contact you about this account throughout its existence via phone numbers or email addresses that you have provided to us beforehand or that you can provide to us later. You are responsible for informing us of any changes to your address or name. Unless otherwise agreed, changes to the address or name of at least one account holder must be made in writing. It is not enough to inform us of your address or your name on a cheque form. We will try to communicate with you only using the most recent address you have provided us. If we are required to reimburse the government (State or Federal) all or part of a benefit or other payments that have been made into your account for any reason, you agree that we may, without notice, withdraw the amount returned to the government from your account or other account that you have with us, unless the deduction is prohibited by law. If your account balances are not sufficient to reimburse us in full, each owner and co-owner will be jointly responsible for the balance. We are not responsible for payments that will be credited or not credited to your account because of government error or negligence. Your obligation to report unauthorized signatures, changes and falsifications – you must check your statement of account with “reasonable speed.” If you have discovered unauthorized signatures or changes (or you should reasonably have identified them), you must inform us immediately of the relevant facts. As between you and us, if you do not do any of these duties, you must either share the loss with us, or assume the loss on your own (depending on whether we used ordinary diligence and, if not, if we contributed significantly to the loss). The loss can be not only in terms of elements on the explanation, but also other items with unauthorized signatures or changes made by the same criminal.

Although social security, additional security income, veterans` benefits and other types of public services are protected by law from court proceedings and the claims of your creditors, it is your responsibility (not us) to increase the protected status of deposit funds as a defence. We are not required to challenge on your behalf the execution, issuance, seizure, seizure or any other legal or just procedure that is invoked against you or your account, and we may take such steps to comply with such a procedure as we deem appropriate in the circumstances, regardless of the protection of deposit funds and without any liability to you. 37. Merger clause. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties on the purpose of this agreement. All previous agreements, discussions, representations, guarantees and pacts are brought together in this area. There are no guarantees, assurances, alliances or agreements, neither express nor tacit, between the parties, except those expressly defined in this agreement. You agree that you are in the best position to detect errors or inconsistencies in your account`s activities, including, for example, an item reflecting a false or incomplete deposit and/or an item containing an unauthorized signature, which does not contain a required signature, does not contain incorrect approval, does not contain necessary approval, constitutes an unauthorized payment, is modified or is other (together an “irregular article”). You agree to review your statements and any communications without delay and carefully. A statement or notification is considered correct unless you immediately provide us with an irregular item after the statement or notification has been provided to you. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions, you accept that we are not held responsible for an improper object if: (i) you have not demonstrated speed or due diligence in reviewing the statement or disclosure, or (