(c) any loss or damage to the motor vehicle (including hail damage and loss of use), damage to third parties, legal fees, tax taxes, deductibility taxes, towing and recovery costs, storage and service costs of the company, if a condition of this agreement , which is relevant to the loss or injury, has been violated, including the conditions of item 2 or a particular condition on page 1. 11.3 The company reserves the right to apply and you agree that if an extended lease period, week after week, month after month or a long-term lease with progressive payments is concluded, the account will be credited at any time. (h) the vehicle is damaged by driving it under or inside an object below the height of the vehicle, or more than 30 centimetres wide than the widest part of the vehicle, including the rearview mirror. (a) you have unlocked the vehicle or left the keys in the vehicle (d) The vehicle is partially or totally submerged in water, regardless of how the damage or loss was caused – with the exception of exceptions, where: ALL ACCIDENTS MUST BE POLICE AND THE OWN AND ACCOMPANIED BY A POLICE REPORT THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS. We charge $33 in administrative fees for processing fines, parking fines and unpaid use of tolls, which are not reported to us and paid when the vehicle is registered. “rental vehicle,” the rental vehicle described on page 1 of the rental document (or replacement vehicle), including all spare parts and components and remote devices, as well as all associated electronic devices or toll beacons. c) If possible, make a written statement of the facts signed by all parties. If there is no agreement, you will receive a copy of the police report. (b) any person who is not registered in this category of “individual accident” vehicle (SVA) refers to an incident in which the rental vehicle suffers damage but has no effect between the vehicle and another moving vehicle; It includes, but is not limited to( collisions with buildings, pylons, obstacles, vegetation, rocks, curbs, gutters or sewers b) collisions with other stationary objects, including other parked vehicles.

c) the crashes of a vehicle. 7.1 In the event of an accident, the tenant may NOT: 10.2 If the company or an employee of the company is not negligent, the company assumes no responsibility to a person for losses or damage caused to property that remains in the vehicle after being returned; Stolen or lost during the rental.