Find out all the resources available to international students from UBC. The UBC Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) is a four-week university program offered at the University of British Columbia, Canada, for cohorts of international students studying at UBC. The program provides an opportunity for universities that cooperate to organize student groups to take two university courses at different UBC faculties while learning about Canadian practices and culture. Join UBC`s large and diverse international student organization to apply with a UBC position for international medical graduates after JC. More information can be found on your website. PWIAS provides funding and opportunities for international and interdisciplinary cooperation within UBC. UBC represents the foreign directory in Brazil through mutual agreements with companies everywhere, which means that UBC collects and enters royalties in sister companies on behalf of its members. Similarly, UBC members are paid in Brazil for the use of their works abroad. The UBC International Office advises you on the structuring of all types of international partnerships. Members of UBC are engaged in international research partnerships around the world, many of which are supported by international funding. Find out why UBC is a leading global research university and how we support our international ties. Each year, UBC welcomes delegations of international dignitaries and eminent scholars.

If you are an internationally trained family physician who has already completed a stay in family medicine outside of Canada, you may be eligible for a practical ready assessment. These positions are subject to a three-year restitution of the service. For more information, click here. Canada is a country based on relationships and agreements between Aboriginal peoples and newcomers. Although recent court proceedings have confirmed Aboriginal title rights, the cooperative spirit of treaties is lost as Canadians engage in endless clashes over First Nations “themes.” Any new court decision fuels the debate between those who want to end the special rights of Aboriginal people and those who call for a return to Aboriginal sovereignty.